Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You not invited lol !

Perhaps this as the repayment for my fault due nonsense demands on her last night. We ended the chat with some arguments, i guess that make both of us sad and annoying. It's awful right? Yes, i do always know, you have tried to do the best for me, but the stupidity of me still don't know to appreciate the good deed you done for me so far. You pretending like you big big girl and not hurt when i say dreadful words to you, but deep inside you i know its broken to pieces. I'm sorry dear, it's my bad. I've failed to make you happy. I made you hurt more rather than making you happy lately, how terrible am i. How could i treat someone i loved the most so badly, dammit, regret about it. Dear, i tried and will try to do the best of me after this, make you smile again. Wish me luck dear !

damm it's private now

you look gorgeous dear

pssst: i was thrilled to be reinvited again.haha !

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