Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's how our story began

It seem we have been one and half year together, experiences we get through together make the bond between us much more stronger than before. I'm truly don't expect to have your love, your soul cause i'm not the amazed one to have them, yet till now i still wondering what make you falling with me. Yes, i do grateful to be yours. Whether you realize or not, you some kind differ now, you much more genius, lovely, patient and of course more matured than before. You grew up just like the princess what i dream for in my fairy tale. Just wanna you know that how much important you to me and i do wanna say that thanks for being my all till now: my friend, my love, my enemy. Haha. Talks no more, let these pictures refresh all the precious memories we have been together.

the first time we eat together as family

it was during my birthday

we went to pcb before i fly to egypt

this the last time we eat together, right?

during our trip to Penang

pssst: imy & ilymnm syazana!

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