Thursday, April 28, 2011

I do have bravery for cupping

Today, I gain new experience and succeed to overcome fear factor in myself which are pain and blood. I never think about to do cupping, but last night, when I was walking home from the masjid nearby my house, I met Ustaz Ja. I realized that he got two big red spots in his face, I asked him, 'what happen to your face?', then he told me he did cupping. Whoaa cupping? Thats sound interesting, I said to him I wanna do cupping too tomorrow, I mean today, and he organized me to do cupping. Yes, its slightly pain, but no pain, no gain. Wanna see some pictures? Of course you do, so just scroll down to see the pictures.

Its really hurt at the beginning then get used to.
After few minutes, cup is open and then nick applied to the skin
see that blood?
Hee, nasty blood
Tripple responses: Red line, spreading flare and local oadema

pssst: I will do it again next month

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