Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trip to Alexandaria

Seem this would be my first travelogue. For this time I wanna share about my trip to Alexandria. Thats was my first trip after I went back to Malaysia during the demonstration in Egypt. I thought the will be some-kind improvement in Alexandria, but it's still the old Alexandria and slightly made me frustrated but honestly Alexandria still much more better than Tanta. I went there by train with my Siamese friend, Madah. The only thing that i can like about the Egypt was it's train, its nearly on time. The rest in Egypt were screwed up but still can be tolerated. There two options of transportation to Alexandaria, the first one by train, and the second one by tremco but its slightly uncomfortable. Tremco actually is a van and here in Egypt it so called tremco. Whoaa there lots of stories to share and I have little time to spend on blogging, the exam coming too soon, why not, you guys just see the pictures. My addmath teacher once said that one picture can tell thousand words. Alexandaria here we go

waiting for the train

big big boy in Alexandaria

during dawn around 7 p.m

yes, nice beach huh ?

there still demonstration every Friday

all of us: Fazrul, Taqim, Madah, Mat J

pssst: i wish someday i'll come again here but this time with syazana

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